Same FitForPower sessions, but The Lab will come to your place of business or home.

Cost: Add $65.00 to any FitForPower session of choice, for a 30 mile radius travel from the Lab’s home base. Additional surcharge if outside of 30 mile radius.

Invest In yourself first!




What To Bring to Your FitForPower Session: 

  1. Bike, rear tire must have plenty of tread (a non-racing compound is suggested).

  2. Bike shoes (IMPORTANT! Cleats must be in proper working/adjustable condition).

  3. Proper cycling attire.

  4. Small towel.

  5. Hydration fluid, energy gel/bar... fuel (Gu Energy products will be provided).

  6. Skin must be smooth and clean (no lotion).

  7. Center of wrist, elbow (at funny bone), and center side of knees should be free of hair.

  8. Ok to bring additional stems (length and angle), saddles, seat posts, cleat wedges and cleat shims.

  9. Optional: Aero helmet, will discuss if it's the proper model for you and why.

A FitForPower bike fit will allow you to generate optimal power and perform with the least amount of strain on the body.

Typical results show an average increase of 8-20% in power output, individual results will vary*

To Schedule an Appointment:

  1. Send us an email or call, with a few day and time options that work best for you.

  2. We do our best to accommodate based upon your schedule.

  3. The Lab is open weekdays, weekends... just about any time of day.

Need From You:

An open space of 6' x 8' minimum, but 10' x 10' is preferred. Two standard electrical outlets.