In the market for a new bike?

The Lab now offers FitSpec. A consultation session(s) to help you select your next new properly fitting bike. We are able to specify frame size, crank length and component sizes/styles. We review all brands of interest and make comparable suggestions.

If riding position is already known, from a previous Retül fitting, the process is simplified with the use of Retül’s FrameFinder. If not know, additional steps are required to assist with finding the perfect frame.

Current FrameFinder data base includes manufactures such as; Argon 18, BMC, Cannondale, Cervelo, Felt, Giant, Orbea, Pinarello, QR, Scott, Specialized, and Trek. Tri and road frames/bikes are in the data base. The component data base includes, stems, saddle bars, seat posts, etc., from various manufactures.

FitSpec results allow the rider to select a properly fitting bike before a purchase is made, and avoid purchasing the wrong bike and size. Bike/Frame need not be pursed from The Lab.

Cost: Fees range from a minimum $35.00 for a consultation session and up to $325 which includes through pre- and post- purchase fittings. Fees will be set in advance after determining your needs/wishes.


Retül’s Frame Finder: see Retul’s website for current data base.

Currently - Specialized bikes are only in data base.

A web-based software program housing the geometries of bike frames and parts, and is used to customize properly fitting bikes for any rider that has had a bike fit with Retül. (database is limited at the moment)

After a bike fit is complete, or Zin data collected from current bike when no bike data on file, these Zin bike measurement coordinates can be uploaded into the FrameFinder, and the bike selection process begins. Frame sizes within one bike brand, or sizes between bike brands can be selected and visually overlaid, and see what frames most closely match a rider's fit coordinates. After a frame is selected, the fitter can then customize bars, saddles, stems, and spacers - all before the customer purchases a bike. 

FrameFinder provides an accurate and visual method of choosing the right bike for each client, allowing the rider to purchase with complete confidence.

FitSpec Session includes: *

  1. Verify rider’s dimensions - inseam, torso, and arm measurements.

  2. Review of riding style and goals.

  3. Consider your budget allowance for bike/frame purchase.

  4. Review your bike choices and recommend others as necessary.

  5. Zin of current bike to collect fit dimensions/measurements for use with Retul’s FrameFinder.

  6. Compiled data of various bike’s dimensions for visual comparison shared via Goggle docs.

  7. Optional service: Use of Retul’s FrameFinder software to build your perfectly fit virtual bike.

  8. Optional service: Calfee Sizer Cycle session. A pre-purchase fitting  to determine the optimal bike size and necessary component. Customer to supply pedals fro session.

  9. Customer may supply saddle, drop bar/base bar w/extensions, and pedals.

To schedule session:

  1. Send us an email or call, to discuss your needs.

  2. Fees range from a minimum $35.00 and up, fees will be set in advance.

  3. We do our best to accommodate in the Lab sessions based upon your schedule.

  4. The Lab is open weekdays/weekends and just about any time of day.

Italian Road and MTB Bikes

most sold as frame sets

BreakAway Frames and

Complete line of bike components

Road and Triathlon

* Session may not include every listed item, depends upon customer requirements and needs.

Complete line of Bikes.

Road, MTB, Tri, Woman’s, Kids

Free Custom Silver FitForPower with any new frame purchased from the Lab, upgradeable to Gold.

Bike/Frame need not be pursed from The Lab, but the Lab is an authorized dealer for the following bikes/frame.

Complete line of Spanish Bikes.

Road, MTB, Tri, Woman’s, Kids

Titanium Performance Bikes.

Made in the USA

Road and MTB Bikes

most are sold as framesets