The Lab offers the most advanced bike fitting service, FitForPower. Featuring Retül’s 3D real time motion capture and CompuTrainer's SpinScan software. Four different fit options available, see our FitForPower web page, to match your specific needs and budget.

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gebioMized saddle and insole pressure mapping.

PedPowerPerform Lab

Programs/Services Available:

FitForPower: The most comprehensive bike fit available. Incorporating Retül’s 3D real time motion capture bike fit system, CompuTrainer’s SpinScan software, and Retül's hand-held digitizer, Zin. Four different fit session option. Fittings available for Road, Triathlon, Time Trial, Cross, and Mountain bikes.

PedalPower: A comprehensive pedal stroke analysis with instructions to improve pedaling efficiency and technique using CompuTrainer’s SpinScan software.

FitSpec: Looking for a new bike? FitSpec is a consultation session(s), that will help you select the proper bike for your riding style and goal.

The Store: We only sell quality components and bikes to enhance and improve your cycling and triathlon experience.

Demo/Race Program: The Lab is a demo site for Cobb and ISM Adamo saddles along with select Rotor Bike Components. Select race wheels and aero helmets also available to use for a next race.

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Invest In yourself first!

With one of our unique FitForPower session you will notice gains in speed, power and comfort.

You are the engine... the fancy stuff can come later.

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We can now “see” where you may have saddle or insole issues.

Pressure Mapping Saddle: Let us help you find the “best” saddle specifically for you. Bike fitting is the first step. However, if just looking for a better saddle, with the use of gebioMized Cycle and the various demo saddles the Lab has available we can help find a saddle that aids in eliminating ay saddle issues. We can literally “see” where and what the problem is.

Pressure Mapping Insoles: Got foot issues? Bike fitting is the first step. However, if just looking for cleat adjustments (or installation of new cleats) the Lab can assist with precise placement and adjustment to help eliminate any foot (and knee) issues. We can literally “see” where and what the problem is.


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