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The bike fit that you gave me was an outstanding experience.  I have learned much about the unequal pedaling from left to right legs.  I need to work on the over the top kick and the scrape.

On Tuesday I went for a 25 mile ride on the Fuji SST.  This was the first time in years that I had zero back pain on a bike ride.  I really like the Cobb seat.  I'll put some more mileage on  and see how it goes.

—Brian G., San Diego, CA

..Heidi and I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into this session for Heidi’s fit. Thanks for the back-up references. We still have some learning to do…  and we do need to digest all the information you have given us...

We can’t say enough good things about your great energy and passion for this work..

We have already mention you to some of our biking friends down there.  There will be more referrals coming your way…

—Heidi V, and Richard B., Woodland Hills, CA

New road bike fit is awesome.

I did the Great Western Loop today. Time 2:45. My best ever was 2:57 then 3:05. The changes on the road bike really worked!

... I am SUPER HAPPY! Cant wait to try the tri bike...

—J Stokely, San Diego

... by the way, Tracey actually enjoys biking for the first time ever. she attributes it to the fit.

—Harper V., San Diego

Thanks for this. It certainly was a positive experience for me and I'm glad I did it.

I went for a 40 mile ride to Coronado on Sunday and was almost 4 minutes faster than a week earlier for the same perceived exertion.  I couldn't stay in the aero position for long periods but I guess I'll be get used to it as a build up mileage and fitness. I'm already feeling comfortable getting up and down from the position and changing gears/braking etc.

The good news is that I didn't seem to get anywhere near as numb as have on previously longish rides.  

—John H., Road to Tri Conversion

I wanted to share some good news with you. Finished IM Arizona yesterday (2013.) Felt really good on the bike, always keeping in mind the pedaling stroke. Bike split was 5:31, run split was 4:03. Finish time was 11:04, a little short of sub 11. I figured, It's okay for a first timer. 

Thanks for the great bike fit and priceless tips. 

Alec W., San Diego, CA

All I can say is the fit was amazing. Heart rate was right there because I was so comfortable. 

Once again thanks. 

Awesome job. It's great having someone who knows what they are doing.

Emilio R, San Diego, CA

6th fastest bike split in AG - HITS Havasu Half

3rd fastest bike split OV, 1:03 - HITS Havasu Oly - the next day!

Thanks again, Dean.  I found yesterday's session very useful - definitely exceeded my expectations. 

Don L., San Diego, CA

Went out today for a 45 miler and am doing a 100 miler tomorrow. Definitely notice the difference. Aero position feels much more comfy and pedaling seems smoother not only from the positioning but the pedal technique tips you gave me. Thanks so much!!

Ryan M., San Diego, CA

I've been meaning to send you an update. The bike fit has had a huge impact on my riding comfort and control of my bike. I have never felt better or stronger and I should have met with you much sooner!

I referred my friend Amy to you bc we are training together this season and she had been struggling with back pain and bike fit. She said she had a great fit with you on Sunday.

I can't rave enough about your knowledge and expertise!!

Wendy M., San Diego, CA


You helped me out a lot! I did a brick after work today and I was faster on the bike and FELT BETTER ON THE RUN! I really feel a difference already.

You know your stuff man! You also gave me a lot of extra info on stretching, training, riding properly, etc.

I will recommend you as much as possible.

Thank You!

Willy B.., San Diego, CA

Thank you so much. I understand why TCSD <Triathlon CLub of San Diego> members recommend as #1.

I am now one of them… I rode the bike and it’s like riding a new bike……..wonderful!

Madeleine H., Imperial Beach, CA

I wanted to let you know that the re-fitting and new bike seat did the trick!   No pains, no uncomfortable pressure…it feels great!


Just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me yesterday. I did a brick this afternoon using the Black Mountain Club duathlon bike route and I felt great on the bike! I did the "kick and scrape" as much as I could and am starting to get the hang of it. The whole pedal cycle feels so much more efficient.

Andrew B., San Diego, CA

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help getting my bike set up before the race!  I love my Speed Concept.  She road amazingly well at SUPERSEAL on Sunday - 20 mph average speed over 26 miles and my legs felt great.  I was able to ride aero the entire time. I can't believe I've gone two years trying to ride a bike that fit me so poorly!

Amy B.G., San Diego, CA

I rode with the bike team on sat and noticed a huge power difference. I was able to take down a the pelaton up and over a hill that I normally flounder on. What an extreme difference the pointers/adjustments you gave/made. It felt awesome!!

Rodney S., Murrieta, CA

Thanks so much for all you personal service and attention!!! You were awesome!!

Alberto C., Chula Vista, CA

Your voodoo is working! I improved from 23.8 mph average in TT to 24.3 mph. And I doubt that my pedal stroke has changed much from 2 weeks ago. So it should all be the new fit. Two thumbs up!

Arash M., San Diego, CA

Thanks Dean. I think the fitting and the pedaling technique has really added speed and power to my biking. Thanks again.

Brian M., San Diego, CA

I am liking the fact that I have a better awareness of my pedal stroke. Using all of my leg muscles makes a difference. I was able to ride at about 16 MPH (3mph faster than before) on a 56 mile bike ride last Saturday. I noticed that my upper body is a little more engaged from the new fit. I also put on wider handlebars I can breathe a lot better. I don't feel worn out. The bike fit helped a lot.

George F., Oceanside, CA

<non edited > Tank you Dean, You are very good at tou Job!!!

Ana R., Tijuana, MX

Got out for a quick 35mi today. The new position has more power, I picked up 1 to 2 mph easy! Haven't hooked up the new power meters yet, hopefully next week. Numbness in the feet... gone!
I was still sliding up on the saddle, so should I try tilting up just a bit? <yes>

Trent S., Oceanside, CA

Thank you Dean! Great work! I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended along with PedalPower. Amazing to see the difference in pedal efficiency. Really appreciate all of your work and attention to detail. Highly recommended! I'll be back for sure when it is time to upgrade to full tri bike.

Eric V., San Diego

Thank you! :) We went out to Borrego Springs this weekend, and I was able to ride the TT bike for 3 hours on Saturday without whining. I appreciate the fit, the files, and I downloaded the video too. Cool!

The video is COOL!!!!

Angela W., San Diego

I have been riding several times over the past few weeks and the kick and scrap is becoming more natural and more ingrained into my muscle memory.  I keep looking at the report you sent trying to glean additional information from it. Thanks, I enjoyed that experience.

Mike F., San Diego

Thanks for shooting over all the data. Our marathon session on Thursday was time very well spent. I had an easy spin on Friday to get my body acquainted with the new position, then had a century today with a 45 minute run off the bike. I can already tell you I saw an instant gain of at least 5-10 watts, and that’s a conservative guess. And I’m sure that as my body adjusts, I’ll see even bigger gains. And I felt really fresh running off the bike today, despite doing 5:20 in the saddle.

Trevor, San Diego

Just a quick note to let you know my new pedals and cleats worked really well this weekend ( and I didn't fall!). No more numb toes :-) We rode almost 55 miles and I did fine! I tried to work on my "back 25%" too to increase my efficiency too.... For now I'm over the moon with my non-numb toes. Cheers!


It has been about two months and just over a 1000 miles since you helped me in your Lab. I had a good ride in Solvang, and I also enjoyed the San Diego Gran Fondo, trimming nearly five minutes off my timed climb from last year and knocking down my overall time quite a bit. I just did the Alpine Challenge last weekend in about 3h45m as well. My commute to work has also really improved and my average pace is continually improving. I have set some personal bests in the past few weeks.

DAJ - San Diego

Yesterday, I had a great morning out there (April Fiesta Island TT). I was averaging 24.1 mph and my average power was 225 watts. I ended up 1st in my AG 30+ and 4th overall.

Thank you again,

NM - San Diego

Thank you for all the documents and above all for being so thorough last Sunday. I went for a ride yesterday and so far am happy to  report back that the new riding position feels extremely good. I expect it to remain as good as I do more rides and will only consider the few adjustments with the saddle height and saddle forward you suggested, if needed.


But so far: KUDDOS !

—AS, Santa Clarita, CA

Today was my first day back on my Cronus...  Well, this morning I felt great, and I turned in my second fastest commute to the office. I felt much stronger in my feet, and I was more powerful on the hills than I have been in the past. I stayed in the saddle, and also stayed in the large chain ring for my whole ride. I still need to pick up the longer stem <as recommended> and a new chain, which should help me even more. I am looking forward to this weekend's ride in Solvang.

Sunday afternoon I squeezed in just 11 miles on the Paragon <29er>. I felt strong and nimble on that bike as well, probably a good dose of adrenaline helping me. I went through the Del Mar Mesa tunnels, and it was clear that I do need to shave an inch off the bars <as recommended>. I will also drop a spacer up front <as recommended> immediately as well.

—daj, San Diego

Thanks Dean

I tried some of the new techniques yesterday and am starting to "get" it... I could really tell the difference on the flats where I usually can pull at around 23 mph - yesterday, I was able to sustain 25 mph. It was probably the cleat location and trying the different pedaling technique.

–Camille N.

I just got back from a ride and I can tell you there is a huge difference. I am not sure how the stem made a difference on the aero position but I am very comfortable. I thank you for the help and detailed on your work.

–Alex T., Carlsbad, CA

....Ever since getting fitted 12 months ago, I have been setting PRs on all my usual TT courses. Only one more PR attempt to go on the Lake Los Angeles course in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for the great fit experience.

–Cleav L., Masters Racer

I just wanted to give you an update on the fit after I've logged some miles on it. I honestly believe I have an extra 15-20 watts due to the cleat and seat adjustments. Everything is feeling good so far and I think I've adjusted well to the changes.

–Neil S., Cat 1 pro racer (use of SRM power device to track power)

I have to say that the Retul fitting was more detailed than I would have ever imagined, and the results are spectacular. To say the session was thorough would be an understatement. This fit is all about the details, and or me that was important. As a heavy rider, finding a TT bike that fits, and getting "fit" for a TT bike are two distinctly different challenges. I wanted to learn as much as I could about where my optimal riding position should be, and address some leg and knee issues as well. Dean went over everything and took time to answer all of my questions. My adjustments made a huge difference in my overall comfort level and performance. I would recommend Dean's services to anyone who wants to get the most out of their riding position on the TT or Road bike. 

Thanks Dean for making sure every watt I generate goes efficiently as possible to my rear wheel. Best wishes for your continued success.

–GJ, Orange County

...my bike definitely improved. I just took 5th in my AG at Bonelli Olympic, with the 3rd best run, so the fitting helped as I never ran that fast off the bike. 

 –Carsten, Los Angeles

I have to say, so far so good. I did a century last weekend and my back, neck etc. felt really good. I'm going to do another century next week and if I feel as good, I'll declare victory.

–Reginald H.


 Thanks again for fitting me. The bike feels great. I did a big 3.5 hour ride on Sunday out in Idyllwild and my body feels great and the new position is powerful... especially when climbing!

James W., Carlsbad 


...I've done several long hard rides and really like the adjustments you've made. I'm more aero in the drops and my hands have less pressure so I don't have to deal with numbness as much.   

... I know that you raised the seat and my leg angle might be approaching an upper limit, but I've had no issues with the position and am quite happy  with the changes. 

–Sam P.

Thanks so much for everything!  Sorry my bike wasn't cooperating to make it a long session. Although I was tired by the end (mentally) I learned SO much it was such a great experience. Thanks for your thoroughness and your expertise. I have complete confidence that your changes will help me.

Sally B.


....I practiced the new pedal stroke and I think I'm slowing getting the hang of it. You're right, it really does make a big difference.  

Anyways, thanks again for your services that day. I can tell that you're passionate about the work, as well as the sport of triathlons/cycling. I admire the awards and accomplishments I couldn't help but notice at your place. I tell myself that one day I hope to be at your level. And all the help/advice you've been giving me is much appreciated. I definitely will stay in touch and will be utilizing your services again.

Fran S.


Just letting you know how the bike feels, rode today out in east county, had more power and higher cadence than ever before. Also no shoulder pain, did a 4 mile run right after and its the fastest run I have had. Legs felt great.

Howard Z.


...Yes I did get a lot of value from our time. That was very eye opening, and gives me a lot to work on. I knew I needed to work on some things, but I had no idea what needed to be done. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.

Zachary R.

The fit and pedal analysis was GREAT! This morning I got on the trainer and rode for about 40 mins and just kept practicing my new pedal stroke. I could really feel when I would get LAZY and lose focus and the bad habits would creep in. 

...I rode 94 miles Friday night and the pedal stroke kept my legs nice and fresh.  

Brandon M.


Hi Dean. I did get out for a 40-mile ride yesterday. The new fit is excellent. I felt great the whole ride. I can tell the new fit is going to take some of the stress off my lower back. I will get the cleat wedge for my right foot, and I think I want a shorter stem as we discussed.


Thanks for the fit and information! ... I rode it today and it's hard to tell absolutely but I feel like I have some more power and definitely less air on my chest. It feels a bit different but nothing is hurting so seems pretty good.

Stephen A.

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