Demo Programs

PedPowerPerform Lab offers select saddles, race wheels, aero helmets and Rotor components to use thru our various demo programs. It’s your chance to try them out before purchasing. Or  take advantage the Lab’s Race Wheel program for your big event.

Click on the above tab or logo below to learn more about each program and pricing. Scroll down this page for Rotor Components information.

If you decide to purchase any demoed item, part of your fee will go toward the purchase of a similar item, within 90 days of your rental period.


CA tax required for all demo/rentals within the state.

Prices subject to change without notice.

The Lab accepts cash, check, electronic transfer, money order, and credit cards.

All credit card orders/payments subject to an 1.5% transaction fee.

We ship only after funds have cleared.

How to avoid Pay Pal fees with fund transfer.

Please email us for latest pricing, inventory and/or specific shipping charges.


Fee: $35.00 for two weeks*  or $25.00 for local pick-up. If decide to purchase a saddle $15 will go to purchase.

Click on the logo below and you will be directed to that specific demo program web page.

Race Wheelsets Limited availability

Fee: Varies depending on wheel selection.

Click on the logo below and you will be directed to the Race Wheel web page.

Bikes are connected to Computrainer’s SpinScan software for you to see and feel the effects and how they can enhance and improve your cycling experience.

  1. Rotor RSX4 crank system is on size 56 Ritchey BreakAway road bike w/Di2. Bring you own pedals and shoes.

  2. Rotor Q Rings are on a size 55 Kestrel 4000 TT bike. Bring you own pedals and shoes.

  3. Rotor Q Rings are on a size M /17” Dahon Flo mountain bike. Bring you own pedals and shoes.

Read my Rotor review with screen captures on my blog.

Rotor Bike Components - Q Rings and RS4x Crank System

In the Lab only. Demo time limited to 30 minutes.

Race Wheelset Demo/Rental

PPPLab Rental Release Form

must be completed and returned before any demos.

(click to download)

Saddle Demo

PPPLab Rental Release Form

must be completed and returned before any demos.

(click to download)

PedPowerPerform Lab has the ability to credit card’s directly.

This service is provided by PayPal, so you know your credit card information will be secure. No PayPal account necessary to use this feature.

Once we receive your order via email, we will send an invoice. You then enter your invoice number into the Pay Now text field and then hit the pay now button. You will be redirected to PayPal where you will input your credit card information for order completion.

*Small Print: Saddle Demo/Rental Program

  1. Demo/Rental Release Form must be completed before any demo/rental item is shipped out.

  2. Deposit of $75.00 which will be refunded/retuned once the helmet is returned in as rented condition.

  3. $35.00 includes shipping, this includes pre-paid return postage.

  4. So, $35.00 rental fee plus deposit for total demo/rental fee $100. Deposit of $75 will be refunded once saddle is returned in as set condition.

  5. $25.00 local pick up rental fee plus deposit.

  6. Credit card payment accepted thru PayPal to account or over the phone.

  7. All items shipped via USPS Priority Mail - Continental US only.

  8. I understand that this item is a DEMO/RENTAL item and that I am ordering it to try out the product.

  9. I understand that I am NOT purchasing this item at a special price, it is a DEMO/RENTAL program.