An in depth pedal stroke analysis session with instructions, drills and recommendations to improve your pedaling efficiency and technique. You will visually see instant improvement, with the SpinScan software, as you increase your efficiency.

Cost: $125

Time: Approximately 2.5 hours

Additional Time and Follow-Up Sessions available. Recommended 3 to 4 weeks after initial session to verify your progress is on track and address any needed adjustments.

Session Time: 15 minute blocks of time

Cost: $20.00 first block, then $10 each 15 minutes

An efficient pedal stroke results in optimized muscles usage and power production.
Increased endurance and "fresher" legs running off the bike.

PedalPower will teach you techniques to improve your efficiency.

CompuTrainer's Coaching Software; bar and polar charts showing pedal stroke data in real time.

Do you know your SpinScan value?

Are you....

  1. Getting the most power out of your pedal stroke?

  2. Applying balanced power to left to right sides?

  3. Proficient in your pedaling technique?

  4. Using all your muscles to their potential?

  5. A triathlete and satisfied with your run after the bike leg?

Answering No or Don’t know to any of these questions indicates you are a prime candidate for the PedalPower session.


Session Includes:

  1. Warm-up session.

  2. Initial SpinScan data recording of current pedaling technique.

  3. Leg length discrepancy evaluation.

  4. Fore foot tilt angle measurement.

  5. Knee to foot laser alignment evaluation.

  6. Cleat placement assessment/adjustment, as necessary.

  7. Heart rate evaluation using Fit Formula.

  8. Basic bike fit assessment.  Saddle height and fore/aft positioning adjustments as necessary.

  9. One-on-One Instructions, drill, exercises and recommendations to improve your pedaling efficiency
    and technique.

  10. Final SpinScan data recording after instructions.

  11. SpinScan reports, before and after, for comparison. (Reports include SpinScan value, Average Torque Angle, MPH, Watts, Cadence, Heart Rate, Left Power %, Right Power %, and Pulse Power)

  12. Photos and video captures, as necessary.

  13. Data sheets/reports will be emailed within two days after completing your program

You will see instant improvement and results.

To schedule an appointment:

  1. Send us an email or call, with a few day and time options that work best for you.

  2. We do our best to accommodate based upon your schedule.

  3. The Lab is open weekdays, weekends and just about any time of day.

What To Bring:

  1. Bike, non racing compound tire.

  2. Bike shoes (IMPORTANT! Cleats must be in proper working/adjustable condition).

  3. Proper cycling attire

  4. Small towel

  5. Hydration fluids

SpinScan: An efficiency value of the leg muscles to produce power evenly through the pedal stroke. A graphic representation of your pedal stroke is viewed in real time.

Average Torque Angle: A value in degrees that indicating where on the pedal stroke maximum torque is being delivered... indicates the pedal angle where most of the torque is being generated. An optimized bike fit and proper pedaling technique will improve this value.

Pulse Power: A numerical value based on Watts (power) and Heart Rate. The higher the better.

CompuTrainer Terms

SpinScan graph view after instruction showing a 12 to 18% improvement in efficiency.