Synergy triathlon wetsuits and apparel embodies pure intention and premium quality... Pure intention, integrity, precision. Excellent quality, massive flexibility and durability for a very reasonable price.

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Synergy Wetsuits & Apparel



Endorphin Sleeveless/Long John  triathlon wetsuit provides superior buoyancy throughout as well as flexibility in the upper back, shoulder and neck areas. It has all the features, functionality and efficiency of the Endorphin Full suit without the sleeves.

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Men's and woman's versions available

Retail $240.00         PPP Lab Price: call/email

Other Synergy Product Available:

  1. Endorphin Quick John

  2. Syn-Skin (speed suit when when wetsuit not legal)

  3. Syn-Hood

  4. Full line of triathlon apparel

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Synergy Endorphin-sleeveless

woman’s shown

The Synergy Guarantee

Synergy products are built to last. Our products are fully warranted against any defect or fault that is a direct result of how it was manufactured, material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year. Synergy’s lifetime warranty allows the end-user at anytime to send in their used product for a replacement at 30% under MSRP. At our discretion we will repair or replace any item that is deemed faulty. We do not cover defects due to misuse, improper care or general wear and tear. Thank you for your purchase.

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Synergy Adrenalin

Synergy Endorphin

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Synergy Hybrid

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The Hybrid is a no-compromise suit. With unprecedented buoyancy thanks to the latest generation of Aerodome Rubber, this suit facilitates the most rapid and energy efficient swim to get you out of the water and ahead for the win.

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Men's and woman's versions available.

Retail $700.00         PPP Lab Price: call/email

Adrenaline gets you going, and this suit certainly has us excited. It offers a unique balance between flexibility and buoyancy. With Adrenaline, the emphasis was on creating the most flexible suit on the market. It is an innovation in design allowing for more flexibility and almost the same buoyancy as the Hybrid, while retaining nearly all the same features as the Hybrid, but at a lesser cost.

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Men's and woman versions available.
Retail $400.00         PPP Lab Price: call/email

Endorphin make people happy. And this suit, providing you with flexibility, flotation and speed at an exceptional value, certainly lives up to its name. Designed and constructed for function-ability, efficiency and style, the Endorphin wetsuit is perfect for all levels of ability.

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Men's and woman's versions available.

Retail $280.00         PPP Lab Price: call/email