Rolf Prima


Rolf Dietrich invented and pioneered the paired spoke technology. These rims give you the competitive advantage. The Lab offers all the complete Rolf Prima product line, from commuter to all out racing. Below are their most popular wheel sets. Wheels can be ordered individually or as a pair in any combination. Rolf Prima accessories are also available

Rolf Prima - We race, we tri, we tour, we commute and we are all about it.

The Rolf Prima Advantage

  1. Hand built in USA (Eugene, OR)

  2. Advanced Wheel Technology - Paired Spoke Technology

  3. Top Level Performance

  4. Lightweight

  5. Aerodynamic

  6. Wind Tunnel Data - Yes, Rolf Prima wheels can make you faster!

        Check out the time saving results charts: 18mph, 20mph, 25mph

Visit Rolf Prima’s website and their comparison chart for complete product details. After visiting their site, and have additional questions please give the Lab a holler.

All carbon wheel sets include skewers, brake pads (specify Shimano or Campy) and wheel bag.


Rolf Prima Vigor

The revolutionary Vigor wheel was the one to start it all. An aerodynamic wheel that rivals the weight of climbing category wheels, the Vigor wheel is light, stiff and extremely fast. Ideal for fast rides over flat to rolling terrain but a great wheel for climbing too. Proven time and time again in time trials, triathlons, road races and crits, the Vigor's combination of light weight, stiffness and extreme speed make it the best all around wheel available.

Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha

Improving on best in class is not easy, but the new generation Vigor does just that. This paragon of alloy aero wheels provides an aerodynamic advantage that exceeds its previously unrivaled Vigor. The all new wider rim profile of the Vigor α improves the tire to rim transition thereby smoothing the air flow and decreasing drag, while the better supported tire sidewalls improve ride performance.

The All Rounder - Train and/or race with these. You will climb like a goat up hills and slice thru the air on the flats!

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 33mm alloy clincher

Standard Rim Width: 19mm

Alfa Rim Width: 22mm

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

Vigor          1490 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 14F/16R

Vigor SL    1450 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 14F/16R

Vigor RS    1550 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 16F/20R

Vigor Alfa  1480 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 14F/16R

Retail $ 1,049.00      

Retail  $1,299.00 - Alpha

Rolf Prima Vigor


Black or Silver

RS - extra spoke count

SL - Super Light

PowerTap rear hub

Rolf Prima Ralos


26 or 29

15mm front thru axle

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Rolf Prima Warranty

Rolf Prima Limited Warranty

Rolf Prima ("RP") warrants, but only to an original purchaser who purchased the wheel from a licensed Rolf Prima dealer or distributor, that for a period of 24 months from original purchase the new Rolf Prima wheel (the "Product") shall be free from material defects in workmanship and material. If the purchaser discovers within this period a material defect in Product workmanship or materials, the purchaser must promptly so notify RP in writing, through an authorized dealer or distributor, accompanied by proof of purchase of the Product. In no event shall such notification be received or effective later than 25 months after the original purchase. In the event that a Product does contain a material defect in workmanship or materials and proper notification is provided as required this limited warranty, then within a reasonable time after such notification, RP will correct any material defect in workmanship or materials, or provide replacement parts or products. If RP is unable to repair the Product to conform to this limited warranty, RP, within its sole discretion, will provide a replacement product, or a full refund of the purchase price. Labor charges for parts changeovers are not covered by the warranty. RP does not warrant (a) any product, components or parts not manufactured by RP, (b) defects caused by failure to provide proper and suitable Product installation and maintenance, (c) damage caused by use of the Product for purposes other than those for which it was designed, including use on unsuitable surfaces or at unsafe speeds, and including use of the Product without a helmet and other appropriate protective clothing or gear, (d) damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or natural elements, or normal wear and tear, and (e) damage resulting from or relating to use with unauthorized components, modifications or attachments. No employee, distributor, dealer or agent of RP is authorized to make any warranty in addition to or different from the foregoing limited warranty. THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Limitation of Liability

The sole remedy for breach of the limited warranty set forth herein is RP's repair, replacement or refund, as described herein. In no event shall RP be liable for any other damages or liability, including special, incidental or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict tort, or any other legal theory, and including damages arising from or related to any physical injury to person or property. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exception may not apply to you. This warranty, and statutory law, gives the consumer specific legal rights, and those rights may vary from place to place.

Rolf Prima Wheel Service - As serious as the wheels

We know riding is your passion and here at Rolf Prima we take every step to make sure that you have the best performing wheels possible. To keep your Rolf Prima wheels performing at the highest level, we are here to help maintain and service your wheel set - no matter what you have put them through. Refresh your wheels with a factory direct service and inspection. Who knows your Rolf Prima wheels better than us?

Link to Rolf’s service page.

Rolf Prima Carbon 38 and 58RSC


PowerTap rear hub

Rolf Prima Carbon TdF38 SL


PowerTap rear hub

Rolf Prima Carbon TdF60


SL version

PowerTap rear hub

650C - SL version only

Rolf Prima Wheel Warranty Registration

Link to Rolf’s registration page.

Rolf Prima Carbon TdF8


TT version

Rolf Ralos

The first mountain bike wheels from Rolf Prima. Built on our paired spoke technology, the Ralos is strong and light. Ready for XC racing or riding, the Ralos features a customized Stan’s NoTubes rim for tubeless compatibility. The Ralos are available in disc brake only.

XC Mountain Bike RIms

Wheel Size: 26 and 29

Rim Depth: 22mm alloy clincher

Hub: Shimano, Sram

Ralos6    1325 grams, pair    spoke count 24F/24R

Ralos9    1635  grams, pair   spoke count 24F/24R 

Retail $ 899.00, pair

Rolf Prima Carbon TdF8

The TdF8 takes speed to a new dimension with an 85mm deep carbon rim. 12 spokes in the front and rear means this aerodynamic wheel set is for road racers and triathletes looking for the fastest road or time trail wheel.

Ultimate Tri/TT Racing wheelset. Use as pair or in combination with front 60 or disc rear

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 85mm Carbon tubular

Rim Width: 23mm

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

TdF85  1695 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 12F/12R

TT85    1685 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 10F/12R

Retail $ 2,199.00, pair  

Rolf Prima Carbon TdF6 / TdF6SL

The TdF60 SL is Rolf's fastest wheel yet. Its wider tire bed and wind-shaped sidewalls greatly improve aerodynamics, handling and overall riding comfort. Built with the lowest spoke count available and an all new deep section rim profile, the TdF60SL wheel set promises to get you to the finish line faster.

After spending hours in the windtunnel during development, Rolf Prima was not surprised that the TdF60SL is pacing to be their fastest wheel yet. An all new wider tire bed and deeper rim profile gives the TdF60SL rim the ultimate in aerodynamic benefits.

Racer! Use as pair or in combination with front 38,

rear 85 or disc rear

Wheel Size: 700c or 650

Rim Depth: 60mm Carbon tubular

Rim Width: 23mm

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolao

TdF60         1435 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 16F/16R

TdF60 SL   1395 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 12F/12R

Retail $ 2,199.00, pair     

Rolf Prima Carbon TdF38 SL

The TdF38 SL is ideal for the lighter rider seeking every advantage or for those challenging courses where extra rotational weight can cost you precious seconds (or minutes).

The Crit Racer

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 38mm Carbon tubular

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

Weight: 1175 grams, pair  

Spoke count: Bladed 14F/16R

Retail $ 2,199.00, pair

Rolf Prima Carbon 38 RSC

The semi-deep carbon rim on the 38RSC combines the convenience of an alloy brake track with the performance of an aero carbon rim, making these wheels great for sprinting, climbing, descending or whatever the road ahead brings.

Rolf Prima Carbon 58 RSC

Built on the technology of its tubular cousin, the 58RSC brings the convenience of clincher compatibility and the aero of deep carbon together to create a strong and stiff carbon wheel set - all at a lower price. With its stouter configuration, the 58RSC is also a good choice for rougher roads or heavier riders.

The Workhorses - Perfect for everyday training and racing.

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 38mm alloy clincher, 58mm alloy clincher

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

Carbon 38RSR  1765 grams, pair spoke count: Bladed 16F/20R

Carbon 58RSR  1870 grams, pair spoke count: Bladed 16F/20R

Retail $ 1,299.00

Select demo wheels available.

Ares Carbon Clinchers

Get the convenience of clinchers at the weight and speed of tubulars. The Ares series features deep all-carbon clincher rim with Rolf Prima's proven low spoke counts for unparalleled speed. Availability is still limited at the moment.

Carbon Ares 4

The Ares 4 combines light weight, durability and convenience all in one fast wheel set. At 1435gm a set, the Ares4 rivals many carbon tubulars and as a clincher, is the perfect choice for just about any course.

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 46mm Carbon clincher

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

Ares 4    1435 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 14F/16R

Retail $ 2,499.00, pair  

Carbon Ares 6

The Ares6 is the ultimate all-carbon clincher wheel set for any athlete. It combines the aerodynamic benefits of a deep section wheel with the weight and performance of much lower profile wheels, making it a top choice wheel set for road racers, time trials and triathletes alike.

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 66mm Carbon tubular

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

Ares 6    1590 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 16F/16R

Retail $ 2,499.00, pair  

XC Mountain Bike Rims

Carbon Ares 8

The Ares8 features an 80mm deep all-carbon clincher rim with Rolf Prima's proven low spoke counts for unparalleled speed.

Option: use in combination with Ares 6 front wheel.

Wheel Size: 700c

Rim Depth: 80mm Carbon tubular

Hub: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

Ares 8    1790 grams, pair    spoke count: Bladed 12F/16R

Retail $ 2,599.00, pair  

Rolf Prima Ares 4

Options: PowerTap rear hub

Rolf Prima Ares 6

Options: PowerTap rear hub

Rolf Prima Ares 8

Options: PowerTap rear hub

Demo Set Available

Demo Set Available, Ares 6 front and 8 rear combo wheelset.

Visit Choosing the Best WheelSet For You, to determine which wheel set/combination is optimal for racing/riding conditions.

Demo Set Available

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