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This web page is home to items we are no longer using. Most items are unused  with original packaging, or lightly used. This is your opportunity to save a ton of cash! Give a holler if any questions.

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New Shimano bike components are under Shimano’s warranty policy.

K Swiss Team Apparel - wind vest

Team Apparel. Manufactured by Squadra.

Condition: Brand New

Size: S - Unisex. 

Retail $85.00           PPP Lab Price: $35.00 (no tax)

Men Small Size Chart - Inseam 32”, Chest 37-39”, Waist 29-31”, Hip 36-39”

if paying via PayPal with a credit card add 2%, if transfer of funds see how to pay without fees.

K Swiss Running Apparel

Condition: Brand New

Size: Male S, except where noted  

Visit the K Swiss website for individual/complete details.

Accomplish Crew Shirt                                white/black           Retail $30.00        PPP Lab Price: $15.00 (no tax)

Accomplish Crew Long Sleeve                    white/white           Retail $35.00       PPP Lab Price: $18.00 (no tax)

Accomplish Woven Jacket                           white/black           Retail $60.00       PPP Lab Price: $30.00 (no tax)

Accomplish Jacket & Pants                         royal blue              Retail $90.00        PPP Lab Price: $35.00 (no tax)

   jacket is used (slightly faded and few “spots” see image below)

Accomplish Crew Shirt                                red/white              Retail $30.00        PPP Lab Price: $15.00 (no tax)

Colored Back Ragland Crew Shirt               lt gray/scarlet       Retail 45.00          PPP Lab Price: $20.00 (no tax)

Signature Singlet  (Size L)                           scarlet/white         Retail 45.00          PPP Lab Price: $20.00 (no tax)

if paying via PayPal with a credit card add 2%, if transfer of funds see how to pay without fees.

Accomplish Crew

Accomplish Crew Long Sleeve

Signature Singlet - size L

Accomplish Jacket only

Accomplish Jacket & Pants

Accomplish Crew

  1. Accomplish Jacket detail, spot and wear on reflective material.

  2. “Spots” are barely noticeable.

  3. Jacket actually in excellent condition.

  4. Slightly faded compared to brand new pants.

Felt AR1 with Shimano Di2

Size: 51.

Condition: Frame is used (sept 2010) with many brand new components. 1000 miles and 1 IM.

Retail over $8K     PPP Lab Price: $6,125 (no tax), will consider offers.

If you are local, a free in the Lab Silver FitForPower bike fit session is included.

if paying via PayPal with a credit card add 2%, if transfer of funds see how to pay without fees.

Great aero road bike and awesome Road to Tri bike conversion option.

Just add shorter stem, aero bars, tri specific saddle and a bike fit ...you will be ready to RACE!

Visit Felt’s website for complete information/details.  Any questions give a holler.

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