Super-light metal-bearing race pedals with adjustable radial movement!

Large platform area gets the power to the pedal and long life ensures years of trouble-free service. You'll feel the difference - increased performance during hill climbs and more responsiveness in all situations. Weight has always been the cyclist's enemy. Keywin Pedals are the lightest practical pedals available.

Radial movement, some love it others hate it. Keywin gives you real options. Loose movement. Stiff movement. No movement. You choose - all in one set of pedals.

The Keywin Difference

  1. No other pedal offers the solidity of Keywin when it comes to pedal-cleat interface.

  2. 14mm of stack height improves pedaling efficiency.

  3. 3045mm2 platform in the cleat/pedal interface to ensure maximum power transfer.

  4. Six degrees of tunable radial float built right into the pedal.

  5. Integrated float means no more sloppy floating pedal/cleat interface

  6. Change from free to fixed float. No cleat change required.

  7. Available in six custom axle lengths. Scroll down for further information

  8. High durability nylon fiber body.

  9. Standard 3 hole configuration.

Visit Keywin’s website for their complete product line and details. After visiting their site and have additional questions please give the Lab a holler.

Lightweight, Performance and Practical/Affordable

The Lab uses Keywin’s fit kit to match your natural stance width and q-angle to the appropriate pedal width. Keywin axle sizes vary from 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 61mm, and 65mm meaning that with standard pedal washers we can dial in every fit to the millimeter.

Keywin Pedals



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Keywin Warranty Policy

Keywin will warrantee all products sold for up to one year after the time of original purchase. This covers normal use and regular wear and tear. We are pretty fair with this but please don’t submit pedals and parts that have been obviously damaged from a crash or misuse.

Example: If your customer was just riding along (off a cliff) and bent their pedal axle, don’t send in the pedal axle for warrantee. This would be a case where you should charge them for a new axle and send them happily on their way.

Keywin Ti/Carbon


  1. 85 grams per pedal - lightest 3 hole pedal available

  2. 245 grams (Total weight including cleats and hardware)


MSRP price $310.00 - standard length axle length

Call for availability and current pricing


  1. 299 grams (Total weight including cleats and hardware).

  2. The Keywin Carbon uses a chrome-moly axle and is still a featherweight.


MSRP price: Set $225.00 - standard length axle length

Call for availability and current pricing

Keywin Carbon

Keywin CRM (Controlled Radial Movement)


  1. 299 grams (Total weight including cleats and hardware).

  2. 17mm of stack height improves pedaling efficiency.

  3. Cromo axles

MSRP price: $180.00 - standard length axle length

Call for availability and current pricing

How to choose the right axle length.

The standard axle provides 50mm of offset from the crank arm to the centre of the pedal body. Most riders find the standard length works best. To determine the correct axle length: when pedaling through the crank cycle your knees should remain in line with your feet and hips. If you find your knees splay inward or outward you may benefit from a narrow or wider axle. Axles can be changed by the users and are available for purchase separately, please inquire about axle prices.

Why choose a narrow wider fit.

In general narrow fit will benefit riders of small stature. Time trialist, triathletes and track riders can benefit with a narrower fit through improved aero-dynamics and greater corner clearance. Be aware; moving the foot inwards to improve aero dynamic or corner clearance may compromise comfort and increase strain resulting in injury.

Riders who have exceptionally large feet or wide hips bones may benefit from a wider position.  


Axles can be purchased separately, please inquire about pricing and availability.

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