Ended last year with full recover from the plantar fasciitis that was nagging me for the last couple of season. This year, I start out healthy so be able to build my base before “prime time” come around. My new find of Sketchers helped with the final recovery process.

This year, I’m only scheduling two A events and may pick up additional event throughout the season. Of course, I will be taking advantage of all the Tri Club of San Diego events (which are included free as part of the membership fee).

I decided not to apply/participate in any “real team” this year. I will continue my athlete ambassador/sponsorship with a select group of products I believe in and have found to improve my athletic performance.

Update: Now apart of the Skechers Ambassador program. Started wearing their shoes mid last year. I have found them to be the most comfortable running shoes I have worn in a long time. I am loving the GOruns at the moment. Great race shoe!

As of early May became part of the MotoActv ambassador program. I got frustrated with my Garmin 310xt and its issues and loving the MotoActive so far.

Gu Energy is still my nutritional choice Gu an Brew....don’t forget their Chomps!

Fluid Recovery is my choice for recovery supplementation.

Work ended up taking a big bite out of my training and race preparation. Have a few physical set backs from blister and foot scrapes that required time off. No All-American or Honorable Mention ranking. This just makes me want to try even harder in 2013 for better results.

Ended the season as an USAT All American-Honorable Mention... very surprised at this.

At The Races 2012



Los Angeles 13.1 - 1:28:27, 10th AG, 85th OV

Carlsbad Half Marathon - 1:27:32, Unofficial

Mission Bay Half Marathon - 1:50:xx, training run


Surf CIty Half Marathon - 1:28:17, Unofficial

San Dieguito Half Marathon - 1:29:57, Unofficial

Pasadena Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon - 1:28:34, Unofficial


TCSD Club Triathlon, FIesta Island - 1:10:xx short swim, 15th OV

LeadMan 125k Triathlon, Boulder City, NV - 6:52:35, 6th AG - Windy


TCSD 20K TT - 32:29, 22.8 avr mph

TCSD Club Triathlon, FIesta Island  - (10K only) - 39:33, 4th OV - Windy

La Jolla Half Marathon - 1:36:56, Unofficial


TCSD 20K TT - 35:49, 20.6 avr mph - road bike

Spring Sprint Duathlon - 51:56, 1st AG, 3rd OV

ITU San Diego, Sprint Triathlon - 1:27:44, 9th AG, 57th OV

Ensenada, MX Half Marathon - 1:36:56

Encinitas Sprint Triathlon - 1:13:50, 6th AG, 63rd OV

TCSD Aquathlon - 31:30 (approximate), 1st AG, 12th OV


San Diego Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon - 1:26:41, 5th AG, 100 OV

TCSD 20K TT - 31:45, 23.4 avr mph

TCSD Aquathlon (short swim) - 30:06, 1st AG, 12th OV

San Diego International Triathlon -1:58:32, 4th AG, 71st OV


Coronado Independence Day 15K - 1:00:10, 2nd AG, 21 OV

Carlsbad Sprint Triathlon - 1:26:57, 7th AG, 71 OV

Tijuana, MX Half Marathon - 1:30:03, 14th AG - bathroom brake at mile 12

Solana Beach Duathlon -  51:03, 2nd AG, 5th OV

Solana Beach Triathlon -  56:54, 8th AG, 65th OV
VineMan Full Aquathlon, Napa Valley, CA - 6:54, 7th AG - roads suck!


TCSD 20K TT - 33:09, 22.49 avr mph

TCSD Aquathlon - 31:31, 10th OV

IM Louisville, Louisville, KY - 11:22:57,  24th AG, 247th OV


TCSD 20K TT -  33:45 approximate

TCSD Aquathlon - 34:22, 11th OV

TriRock San Diego (Intermediate) - 2:08:30, 4th AG, 19th OV

OrangeMan (Half), Dana Point, CA - 5:31:16, 4th AG, 35th OV


Santa Monica 5000 (doing the 10K) - 40:06, 2nd AG, 35th OV

TCSD Club Triathlon (Duathlon) - 

The Great Floridian, Claremont, FL - 11:41:30,  1st Master, 6th OV

Los Angeles Rock n’ Roll half marathon - 1:28:45, 5th AG, 75th OV - 1 week after GFT


Krispy Kreme Challenge West - 30:00, 2nd OV

KAO 5k run for CASA - 19:59 6th OV. Right after KKC

MCRD Turkey Trot, 5k - 18:53, 2nd AG, 8th OV

Santa Monica Gobble Wobble 5k - 19:20, 1st AG, 13th OV


HITS Palm Springs - Iron distance (as coach, not racing) 16:31:xx, 3rd AG, last OV

HITS Palm Springs - Oly distance - 2:27:44, 3rd AG, 24 OV

Medio Maraton, Tijuana, MX - 1:31:28 - week after HITS triathlon festival

47th Gobernador Maraton, Mexicali, MX - 3:53:xx, 11th AG, 115 OV

AG: Age Group 

OV: Overall

partial results

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