Another tri season is upon us. Pretty much took the full winter off. Wanting to give lots of rest for my foot. It seems to be working, but I just do not have the turnover “speed” that I had previously.

I am still going to give it a go, but less racing this year. The economy has also effected many of my races and equipment decisions.

Fortunately, I was “picked up” for another year with Team Takkers. The age group team has members across the USA and had many top professionals. Check out the Team’s website. They will be fully supporting Revolution 3 events across America.

Ended the season as an USAT All American.

At The Races 2011



Carlsbad Half Marathon - Unofficial 1:35


February TCSD Duathlon, South Bay, CA - 1:01:58  (bike 50 miles to event)


March TCSD Duathlon, Carlsbad, CA - 1:49:01 (bike 43 miles to event)

Fiesta Island TT (40K)  - 1:06:20, 3rd overall (out of 4)

March TCSD Club Triathlon, FIesta Island - 1:13:30, 5th Master / 18 OV

March TCSD 20K TT - 33:36, avr 21.96 mph

Showdown at Sundown, Half IM: Boulder City, NV - 5:16 (no swim), 8th AG /  40 OV


April TCSD 20K TT -  32:35, avr 22.65 mph

Carlsbad 5000 - 9:24  35th AG (M45-49) / 135 OV (masters 40+)

April TCSD Club Triathlon, FIesta Island (duathlon) - 1:13:30, 4th OV, 1st master

April TCSD Duathlon, Pine Valley, Ca - 1:56:01  (bike 53 miles to event)


May TCSD 20K TT -  31:22, avr 23.53 mph

Ensenada Half Marathon (Baja California) - 1:31:35

Encinitas Sprint Triathlon - 1:14:42, 6th AG / 51st OV

Orange County Triathlon - 2:21:50,  7th AG / 53rd OV

May TCSD Aquathlon -  37:38 (long swim)


SD Rock n Roll Half Marathon (unofficial) 1:27:48

MCRD Freedom Run (3 miles)  - 18:04, 2nd AG

June TCSD Aquathlon - swim only


July TCSD 20K TT - 32:27, avr 22.5 mph

Rev3, Portland, half iron distance  -  4:34, 4th AG /  36th OV

July TCSD Aquathlon  - swim and 1 lap of run
Solana Beach Sprint Duathlon  -  51:08, 1st AG / 4th OV

Solana Beach Sprint Triathlon  - 59:27, 5th AG / 58th OV


August TCSD Aquathlon - 36:49


September TCSD 20K TT - 30:54, avr 24:07 mph

Rev3 Cedar Point, iron distance - 10:32:02, 1st AG / 16th OV

OrangeMan Triathlon (half iron distance) 5:24:27, 6th AG /  27th OV
    mechanical issue on bike (lost ~5 minutes), challenging course


Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon - 59:15, 5th AG / 38th OV (over 1400 participants)

October TCSD Club Triathlon - 1:12:xx, 3rd OV


Lake Mead Triathlon (half iron distance) - 5:19:xx, 1st AG / 4th OV

MCRD Turkey Trot, 5k  - 18:09, 1st AG / 6th OV


HITS Triathlon, Palm Springs, CA, sprint  - 1:10:00, 3rd AG / 7th OV

HITS Triathlon, Palm Springs, iron distance - 10:57:xx, 1st AG / 2nd OV

AG: Age Group 

OV: Overall

partial results

dating back to 1996