2010 was a new experience for me. I have been fighting chronic plantar fascistic for about 9 months. As of June, my recovery is on tract, my run training has started up again. This has been very good for me because I have not taken a serious break in over 7 or so years.

I was fortunate to be a member of Team Takkers this year. I only wish I was out racing a lot more to show of the team colors and really promote Trakkers. Check out the Team’s website.

Despite being at about 65-75% of maximum, I had a great year. Adding a few more trophies to the trophy box in my closet.

Ended the season as a USAT Honorable Mention.

At The Races 2010



Carlsbad Half Marathon - Unofficial 1:48


California 70.3 - 5:19:12   50th AG / 524 OV

still dealing with plantar fasciitis


Fiesta Island TT (40K) - 1:07:42    3rd OV (out of 5)


Revolution 3: Knoxville Aquabike Half iron distance  -  3:28:04  4th OV

(swim and bike only)


MCRD Freedom Run (3 miles) - 18:11   3rd AG /12 OV


Carlsbad Triathlon  - 1:22:22    7th AG / 56 OV

Solana Beach Triathlon  56:17  6th AG / 58 OV


Chicago Triathlon - Triple Challenge MTB division

SuperSprint  36:56    1st AG / 7th OV

Sprint       1:15:23      1st AG / 2nd OV

Olympic   2:22:24       1st AG / 1st OV


Triple Challenge        1st OV

Back to Back events: one event on Saturday, 2 events on Sunday.


Revolution 3: Cedar Point iron distance  - 10:34:43   2nd AG / 44 OV

Las Vegas Half iron distance  -  DNF, completed swim and bike

Ate bad food 2 days before, in bed day before but had to give it a go.

My 1st DNF in my whole athletic career.


Mission Bay Triathlon - 58:55  4th AG / 37 OV out of 1452 participants

Magic Mountain Man Triathlon (half IM) - 6:04:xx   2nd AG / 11 OV -

Toughest bike course out there

LA Half Marathon -1:27:42  9th AG / 97 OV  (long course 13.3 miles)

Fearless Triathlon - 1:07:50 3rd AG / 22 OV


MCRD Turkey Trot  (3 miles-short course) 16:xx  3rd AG

AG: Age Group 

OV: Overall

partial results

dating back to 1996